Your home is usually your most important asset. You probably get regular check ups with your doctor, did you know your home needs a regular check up with an expert?

Have you ever heard, “We spent thousands of dollars fixing our house, and if we would have caught this problem sooner we could have avoided these costly repairs”? Hire one of our professional home inspectors to do a mini inspection on your home; let our home inspectors save you money.

An example of some of the mini inspections that we conduct are:

Appliance Inspection
Attic Inspection
Crawl Space Inspection
Energy Efficiency Inspection
Foundation Inspection
Moisture Reading Inspection
Roof Inspection

By spending a minimal amount on having a professional come and check out your home, you can sleep tight knowing that your home is safe and in the best condition.

Call Nustart Home Inspections, Inc. today to set an appointment with a professional home inspection company.